LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Rick Pitino has been anything but silent when it comes to talking about his shock over  the sex scandal allegations facing his UofL basketball program.

Shortly after talking about it at a news conference and then at the annual tip off luncheon, we were told that lawyers had asked him to quit talking about it. That lasted  a little over a week. 

On his own radio program, broadcast by WHAS AM Thursday night, Pitino brought up the scandal on his own, weaving it in an out of  the conversation, giving an update on it's impact. 

"For the  coaches and people connected with the athletic department its very sad for us, it's a very sad situation for Billy Minardi's family and my family. That so many disrespectful allegations were made that took place, it breaks our heart as a family,  because we built that place to leave a legacy with somebody we lost in nine eleven," Pitino said.

This is the first time we've heard him talk, since the scandal broke, about how the investigation has worn down his family. The investigation could last a year or more. 

"It hurts and it hurts every night. This team lifts  your spirits up each day. It  takes a lot to get me down and this has gotten me down. It's sad for me and my family. I know every time the Minardi's now hear that dormitory mentioned in that light it's sad for them," Pitino said. 

Billy Minardi Hall was built in 2003.