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'We will get through this together' | 10 things Gov. Andy Beshear wants Kentuckians to do to beat COVID-19

Governor Andy Beshear says if we consistently take these 10 steps we will flatten the curve.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear starts his COVID-19 media briefings by asking Kentuckians to say along with him, "we will get through this together. Together we will get through this." 

He's also giving his 10 steps he wants everyone to practice to beat the virus.

Here are Governor Beshear's 10 steps:

Stay Healthy at Home: Leave only for essentials like groceries. Keep the trip to once a week.

Avoid Crowds and Gatherings: Avoid crowds of any size, including home visits, recreational areas, or crowded shopping.

Practice Safe Social Distancing: Maintain six feet between you and others at all times.

Know When to Seek Care: Check for guidelines on the state's site.

Check the state's website for information: kycovid19.ky.gov

Wash Hands and Surfaces: Use soap and warm water, wash hands for 20 seconds or more. Frequently disinfect regularly used surfaces.

Credit: National Institute of Health
How long can COVID-19 live on surfaces

Apply for Benefits: Kentucky has expanded benefits for people impacted by COVID-19. 

Prioritize Mental Health: Get involved in virtual social opportunities and maintain a routine. Check state website for other practices.

Do Not Travel: The safest place is home for you and your family. Do not travel, Beshears warns. It officially issued an executive order on Monday, March 30.

Report Non-compliance: If you see individuals or business not complying with COVID-19 guidelines, call the non compliance hotline: 1-833-KY SAFER (833-597-2337)

Credit: Gov. Andy Beshear

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