Louisville, KY - One group continues their efforts to shrink what's known as the 9th Street Divide, bridging the gap to West Louisville.

After seeing our stories digging deeper into the issue, those from the group Community Connections are planning another event to bring the city together.

Our Renee Murphy talked with James Linton and Margaret Harris about their latest endeavor.

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"There is an imaginary line that exists in Louisville Kentucky called the 9th street divide and what we are trying to do is simply close the 9th Street divide." - James Linton

James Linton and Margaret Harris are looking to break down stereotypes about the west end, a community that's seen its share of troubles in the past.

"Those people saw something for the first time and they learned we are not that different - we all put our pants on the same way." - James Linton

It was standing room only when they held their first diversity breakfast in July. People from across Louisville came to Portland - some standing in the hallway just to be a part of a larger conversation about race, community and what West Louisville has to offer.

"It was a lot of people who got together for the first time at the first breakfast who are now planning concerts and working together so it's been great for the whole city. We hope this second breakfast is event bigger thant the first." - James Linton

If you plan on attending the second breakfast, Linton says you only have to come with one thing "a great spirit." If you do, you will leave seeing the west end from a different perspective.

The second diversity breakfast is coming up a week from today on September 21st. It's taking place at the Dolfinger building on Montgomery Street in Portland at 8a.m.


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