LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Monday is the last day to file your taxes. Tax Day can be a costly and confusing time of the year on its own, and to make matters worse there are people out there trying to scam you out of your return. Here are two of the top scams to watch out for, and some tips to avoid them.

The first scam to know about is identity theft. Scammers only need a few things to put your return in their pockets. Your social security number, your name, and your address will get them most of the way. 

If you go to file online, and get an error saying your return has been rejected, that could be a sign that someone else has already filed for and received your return. Not only will this take time to fix, but it can also trigger an investigation by the IRS. You may want to consider signing up for a credit monitoring service, so an extra set of eyes are on the lookout for anything fishy. In the future, filing early can also keep identity theft at bay.

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The second type of scam is phishing, when someone pretends to be an IRS representative or an accountant and convinces you to hand over your personal info. The best way to avoid phishing is to never open an email asking for personal information related to your taxes. 

The IRS says explicitly on its website that it will never start a conversation through email, texting, or social media to obtain your personal or financial information. The IRS will also never threaten you with lawsuits, imprisonment, or other enforcement actions in order to get money. If someone is making any of these threats toward you, it is not at the direction of the IRS.

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