Are you sick of that dial fluctuating on the bathroom scale? I find it frightening that those numbers that determine what many of us eat for the rest of the week or the frequency at which we work out, are often completely inaccurate!

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Today: No more tapping on that scale to get a better reading!

The problem with that bathroom scale you may have at home is the sensor. Most scales only have one sensor which is why your scale is constantly fluctuating or wavering between numbers.

Today's smart scale will steal lock in the accuracy at its lowest recorded price point.

The scale I just finished testing has four sensors and is accompanied by a huge price drop. It is the most accurate scale in its class.

The Black Mountain Products scale is not smart in the sense it pairs with your smartphone because this scale does not have that connectivity but it has the following features:

- Lifetime Warranty!!!
- 4 sensor points to accurately lock in weight without fluctuation
- Precision weighing up to 400-lbs
- Stainless steel
- Step On Step Off Technology
- Includes features normally seen on scales in the over $100 range

$32 Off Black Mountain Scale + Lifetime Warranty + Free Shipping
Was: $59.99
Now: $27.99
**Despite a lot of stock, this will sell out quickly!

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