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Memorial Day sales may not offer deep discounts due to inflation

There is one item you will want to buy before the holiday weekend, even if it means paying full price.

SAN ANTONIO — Many people eagerly await the Memorial Day holiday sales to find bottom bargain deals, but inflation this year is a factor in how low those prices will go.

There will still be plenty of deals this Memorial Day holiday. You will even see some discounts of 50 or 60 percent off. 

There is a catch though.

“The trouble comes when you look at the starting price because inflation has definitely pushed those starting prices up,” said Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with Dealnews.com. “So even though we may see the same discounts that we expected or that we saw last year, they’re not quite going as far in this year.”

One item you do not want to wait until the three-day weekend to buy is groceries. Many of us are having gatherings again after pandemic restrictions lifted. Memorial Day is big for barbeques. Expect backyard barbeques essentials to sell out.

“Something people aren’t really thinking about because they’re just focused on, you know, we get to have gatherings again, they’re not necessarily thinking that things like hot dogs may fly off the shelves much faster,” Ramhold said. “Burgers are like Memorial Day staples, but we’ve had his huge ground beef recall recently. So that may be something that becomes harder to find as we get closer to the holiday.”

Otherwise, look for discounts on spring clothing and mattresses. Definitely search around for the best deals. Hold off on summer items like grills and patio furniture. Those will see the best sales at the end of summer.

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