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BUY IT NOW: 43 percent off Columbia Klamath Range Half Zip Fleece

SHOP NOW: Up to 50 percent off The North Face athletic gear and outdoor products

Are you ready for spring? Not sure if you have all the gear you need to finally get outdoors after the long, cold winter?

There are good opportunities to save this week on jackets and more from two top brands.

You can click here to get as great half-zip fleece from Columbia for under $20. That's a savings of 43 percent, as Matt Granite wrote on Tuesday. A zip fleece can be a key addition to your spring wardrobe, as it can function as your primary coat on warmer days or it can keep you cozy if you wear it under a heavier jacket on colder days.

If that deal sells out, or you're looking for a different outdoor item, you'll want to check out the sale on The North Face at You can find discounts of up to 50 percent on jackets, backpack and more.

Which do you prefer: The North Face or Columbia? Leave a comment on and let us know!


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