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BUY IT HERE: $80 - $120 Off Danby 3-in-1 Air Conditioners + Free Delivery

For most of the Northeast and parts of the West Coast, this has been the hottest spring on record!

  • Sold out in June of 2016
  • Sold out in June of 2017
  • It will sell out in June 2018

For those of you that hopefully did not make the mistake of purchasing an air conditioner last week (I advised against it on television), prices are at their lowest of the season right now. Air conditioner prices will drop by 5 percent after Labor Day but that won’t help you with the oppressive summer heat.

While I’m certain the brand Danby needs no introduction in the AC world, an air conditioner, humidifier and air filtration system is your best bet today. With options up to 12,000 BTU, this bargain is a beast!

With temperatures and allergies out of control in our region (thank you cotton wood), I've collected many requests for solutions. Today, in my quest to save you more time and cash than anyone else in the country, I have a recommendation to make.

For less than the price of a window air conditioner, and for about the size of a dehumidifier, one top-rated Danby AC unit is a complete steal. Click the play button, you can see it in action.

Features include:

- Top-rated filters clean the air around you while it cools
- Environmental RD10A refrigerant and eco-friendly
- Huge discounts on units at 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 BTU
- Operates as a full dehumidifier and air conditioner
- Stronger filtered air circulation than window air conditioners
- Two way up/down airway deflection circulates air evenly
- Eliminates "hot spots" in a room
- Handles 500 square feet of a poorly-insulated room
- Cooled up to 1200 square feet of a well-insulated open condo in our tests
- Quiet operation despite powerful compressor
- 24-hour programming
- Remote control
- Sleek LED display on unit
- Easily wheels from one room to the next
- Fits into a closet for off-season storage
- Lowest-recorded price today

$80 - $120 Off Danby 3-in-1 Air Conditioners + Free Delivery
Was: $469 - $329
Now: $259+


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