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BUY IT NOW: $150 off Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro essentials knife set with free shipping

Here's a knife deal that can last you a lifetime — and just in time for Father's Day!

Whenever I set out in search of knife savings, I typically ask top chefs to weigh on their favorite brand. Their choice is almost always J.A. Henckels. Rather than have them do the demonstrations, today I let the knife do the work in my home kitchen!

Zwilling J.A. Henckels is widely considered to be the best knife brand in the world. They a tier above Wusthof and their knives are made of a special formula that's 285 years old.

The knife set deal I found can replace every knife you own at an unprecedented price drop. Included in this set are the Zwilling Pro 7-inch Rocking Santoku Knife and 7-inch Chef's Knife.

The 7-inch Rocking Santoku knife features an angled blade for dicing, slicing and mincing — supporting both Asian chopping and Western rocking cuts. The 7-inch Chef's Knife is ideal for chopping, mincing, dicing, and slicing meat, fish, and vegetables

Both knives are superbly sharp. As I've mentioned before, dull knives require more force to cut and cause you to rock back and forth. That's when slip-ups occur. Sharp knives do the work for you and are therefore safer.

Click the play button to see both knives at work in my kitchen. 

What you should know about the knives featured in today's deal:

  • Made of Zwilling special formula steel
  • Designed in Italy, then manufactured in Germany
  • Set includes Zwilling Pro 7-inch Santoku Knife and 7-inch Chef's Knife
  • Ideal weight for your hand for super-fast safe chopping
  • Plenty of knuckle clearance for cutting board prep
  • Hand-sharpened and polished
  • Cut, chop, mince, dice, slice and do absolutely anything with this pair
  • Forged from one single piece of steel
  • FRIODUR blade ice hardened to -57 Rockwell Hardness

BUY IT NOW: $150 off Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro essentials knife set with free shipping
Was: $249.99
Now: $99.99


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