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BUY IT NOW: $40 off Deci-Cam Security 360-degree tilt camera with free shipping

I know you're already thinking it: How can a $60 security camera outperform the Nest? I test dozens of smart home security products per month and today we go beyond the hype of a brand name to focus on functionality.

Not only do I work as a smart home expert but I just completed filming a Smart Home series for Amazon Live with a focus on security products that go beyond your typical surveillance system.

Don't get me wrong, Nest makes phenomenal products, but it's worth considering the $60 Deci-Cam as an alternative. Here's how the Deci-Cam compares to the Nest.

The Nest Security Camera does not pan or tilt, nor does it offer 360 degrees of motion.  The Nest falls short as a baby monitor, it does not offer temperature or humidity monitoring nor does it have an emergency call button. It also typically sells for $200. The Deci-Cam does everything the Nest Security camera does and also offers all of the previously-mentioned features for a fraction of the price.

As a new dad, I rely heavily upon the security cameras in my home to double as baby monitors while offering me the ability to monitor my house from anywhere in the world. This camera also has cry-detection which the Nest and Arlo cameras do not.

The footage on the Deci-Cam is brilliant and its night vision truly comes alive when monitoring the exterior of a property or a baby crib, or when using it as a pet or nanny cam in pitch darkness. While many camera systems by Nest, Arlo and Amazon provide tremendous footage, most don’t rotate on their own as I previously mentioned. A simple swipe through the free smartphone app tied to today's deal gives you full control of any camera, in any room. You control the view and you can adjust the camera from a different location remotely.

The sleek and fully capable Deci-Cam captures crystal-clear high definition video in daylight or at night thanks to its built-in night vision. From push alerts on your smartphone to two-voice communication, this is an all-encompassing security solution with zero dollars in monthly fees.

Click the play button to this camera in action in my home and my nursery. 

Features of the Deci-Cam Camera:

  • Zero monthly fees; no monitoring fees!
  • Cry detection built into camera!
  • Temperature alerts and humidity control (ideal for parents)
  • Rotates on command with 360-degree pan and tilt (unlike Arlo and Nest)
  • Perfect for any home or small business
  • Expandable security system
  • Infrared night vision allows you to see anyone in the dark up to 32 feet away
  • Automatic alerts delivered to your smartphone
  • Emergency call button
  • Two-way voice communication allows you to talk back through your smartphone
  • Could easily double as a nanny cam, pet cam or security system for the elderly
  • Records all surveillance footage in HD with full 360-degree motion
  • Simple swipe of your smartphone or tablet repositions surveillance viewpoint
  • Lowest-recorded price today

BUY IT NOW: $40 off Deci-Cam Security 360-degree tilt camera with free shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $59.99
***Price drops to $49.99 if you buy more than one camera. System is expandable!


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