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BUY IT NOW: $90 off best-selling V201 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with free shipping

I receive more requests for deals on noise-cancelling headphones during the holidays than at any other time of year. I'm sure it has nothing to do with blocking out relatives. It's simply because active noise-cancelling headphones can cost a small fortune.

If you're shopping for noise-cancelling headphones and are considering an expensive brand — like Bose — you'll want to first check out today's deal. The new V201 iDeaUSA headphones perform on par with Bose at a third of he price.

Designed right here in the U.S., iDeaUSA have several different models of headphones which I've featured in the past, including Atomik, V204, V206, 204 and several others. The new V201 headphones block 85 percent of ambient noise and offer a whopping 25 hours of battery life.

Compare that to Beats Studio Wireless headphones, which have only 11 hours of battery life at a list price of $379.

Meanwhile, the V201 iDeaUSA headphones are on sale now for under $100 — a Black Friday price that made them a top holiday deal.

Click the play button to see the headphones up close!

Features of the V201 iDeaUSA headphones:

  • Headphones reduce 85 percent of ambient noise
  • A whopping 25 hours of battery life in our tests (most headphones offer just eight hours)!
  • Headphones quickly charge in around two hours
  • Hi-Fi audio is top-notch for gaming, movies, sports and TV streaming
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Feature an aptx codec for incredible audio playback unheard of at this price
  • Ideal for any commute or holiday travel
  • Last major price drop before Christmas
  • Smart headphones automatically convert to Bluetooth headset when a call comes in!
  • Streams with virtually any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device from 35 feet away
  • Folds for travel, with all accessories and carrying case included
  • Works with virtually any Bluetooth audio device, Apple, Android and Windows

BUY IT NOW: $90 off best-selling V201 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with free shipping
Was: $179.99
Now: $89.99


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