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BUY IT NOW: $50 Off Smart Power Bank + Jump Start Accessories + Free Shipping

The most powerful power bank I've ever tested is now at Black Friday pricing, and it's just in time to power all that holiday tech, your struggling smartphone or even your car in an emergency situation. Shoppers will line up for this price on Black Friday, and Amazon will post it as a lightning deal, but we have it now.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easily store in a glove compartment, the iClever's battery is so powerful it can quickly charge an Android device, iPhone or iPad Pro and it has enough juice to jump start a vehicle! If you're on the road this holiday season, the iClever is one of the smartest deals you'll find, and it's complete with an SOS light, accessories and jumper cables.

Click the play button to see this power bank in action.

Features of the Smart iClever Portable Car & Truck Jump Starter/Power Bank:

  • Charges smartphones and tablets twice as fast as a traditional power bank
  • Can jump start a 3L gas or 2.5 diesel vehicle over 20 times on one charge
  • Jumps start trucks, cars, boats, SUV’s, tractors and small yachts
  • Rugged and extremely compact design
  • Includes highly durable and powerful jump cables
  • Ultra bright flashlight with SOS mode
  • Emergency light will make you visible to emergency responders
  • Includes all charge cords, accessories and crocodile spark-proof clamps

BUY IT NOW: $50 Off Smart Power Bank + Jump Start Accessories + Free Shipping

Was: $99.99

Now: $49.99


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