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Words are powerful. Knowing how to arrange them in eloquent ways can take you further than you think. Regardless of your career path, clear, persuasive language, style, and tone can help you connect with people and achieve your goals — whatever that may be. While not all of us are natural writers, the right training can make a huge difference and help anyone harness the power of the written word. Dr. Clare Lynch can help you do just that in her course Writing With Impact: Writing That Persuades.

Dr. Lynch is a former Financial Times journalist who now teaches academic writing and professional communication at the University of Cambridge — so, she knows a bit about the power of words. Now she wants to help others harness that power in this online persuasive writing course. Over 60 lectures and 4.5 hours of content, you’ll learn powerful principles that can be applied to most types of business writing, like emails, reports, presentations, sales pages, blogs, and advertising. Looking to draft a killer cover letter to nail your next job interview? Or maybe you need to nail that investment proposal. Either way, you’ll walk away with the powerful prose skills you need to persuade your employees, bosses, customers, or investors effortlessly.

You can access this course night or day on whatever device you wish. And any time you need a refresher, it’ll be there waiting for you, as it comes with lifetime access. It’s time to finally add strong written communication skills to your resume. Sign up for this course for just $9.99 on — 95% off the original price.

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