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VERIFY: Yes, all adults can sign up for AARP

It's not just for those older than 50.
Credit: AARP Services
AARP Services

ATLANTA — People are always finding new ways to save money, whether through coupons or Black Friday deals once a year, but according to a content creator, one hack might have been sitting right under our noses - AARP. 

Many people know of the nonprofit AARP, formally called the American Association of Retired Persons, in the form of a card. It's become an unspoken way of knowing someone has reached 50 with a red discount card to match. The card is accepted at several retailers all over the US, giving members access to tons of discounts.

Turns out, others can get ahold of the coveted card too.


Who is eligible to sign up for AARP?



This is true.

Yes, anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for AARP. 


Though AARP primarily focuses on work to improve issues around healthcare and saving for retirement for those over the age of 50, those under that age can benefit from their discount membership program.

People that want to join AARP can do so online, call or wait for an offer to show up in the mail. Either way, anyone over 18 can benefit from their benefits card. It costs about $16 a year, with the ability to cancel at any time. Here are some of the benefits that members enjoy, according to their website: 

  • Discounts on prescription medications and up to 30% off prescription eyewear
  • Vacation planning tips, guides and exclusive discounts for when you're ready to travel again
  • Savings on shopping, food delivery services, restaurants and more
  • Free scam alerts, a helpline and tips to help you avoid consumer fraud and identity theft
  • A committed advocate for important issues like Social Security and Medicare

Some of the popular spots that accept the card include Walgreens, The UPS Store, Budget Truck Rental, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Cinnabon, Outback Stackhouse, ATT&T and so much more. See a full list of benefits here.

Since the organization is committed to working for those over 50, some of the benefits are dependent on age, as AARP mentions online. 

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