LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Taking care of animals is good for our health, and petting a dog or cat can calm us down, even cheer us up.

It's not unusual to see therapy animals in hospitals and nursing homes, but normally you think of dogs and cats. But did you ever think about a therapy duck?

A Prospect woman says she's training her pet duck to do volunteer work.

“I didn't have plans for this, then I started researching all this, but mainly because I started taking her out and saw how happy it made other people that made me think about doing it with volunteer work,” said duck owner Shellie Powell.

And why not, since her duck already wears diapers, walks on a leash and loves people.

Diva the duck is five weeks old, she's been with Shellie since she was hatched.

Shellie says ducks are almost as smart as dogs, and her duck has her own Instagram account.