LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The snow didn’t last long in most parts of Kentuckiana, but some residents wasted no time getting up and enjoying it -- several families were already sledding and running around Louisville parks early this morning.

Phillip Guptill said that while the snow might be melting, conditions were perfect for his kids to go sledding.

"Its been good, a little slushy," Guptill said. "It's nice and warm, so it's good to not have too many layers on."

Kentuckiana has only seen a few snowflakes this winter, and with rain coming tonight, people were jumping at the chance to play.

"They're having a blast, you know," Guptil said. "They don't get many snow opportunities here in Louisville, so it's good to get out here when you can."

Because the temperatures have already risen, many sledders said the weather was perfect.

"It's so much fun. I really recommend this hill area," Madeline Quinlan said while sledding in Tyler Park. "I am going sledding, and to take a break, I did some snow angels."

Those shoveling their driveways and sidewalks agree.

"It's a nice day for people to get out," Claudia Runge said while shoveling her sidewalk. "It's really really pretty."

The roads quickly cleared as the snow wrapped up Saturday morning, and city officials said most salt trucks were finished by noon. Runge said her sidewalk was a quick job as well. 

"We thought, 'Well we'll get out, it's nice out here,' and it was more scraping than shoveling," Runge said. "Not a lot of snow but enough to be pretty."