Picture this: It’s a cold evening in December. You’re in your most festive pajamas, curled up under a fuzzy blanket on the couch or in your favorite chair. Snow is falling outside, blanketing the world in white and a fire is crackling in the fireplace.

You have your hot chocolate in one hand and the remote in the other, ready to celebrate the holiday season with a festive film.

Our question is this: Which movie is the best choice to get you in the Christmas spirit? 

We decided to go with a tried-and-true method to see which movie is the ultimate Christmas favorite – a “Merry Madness” bracket!

We split the films into four categories: Classics, Fan Favorites, Animation, and Wild Cards.

After 15 rounds and nearly 5,000 votes, you have decided!

Kentuckiana's choice for the best Christmas movie of all time is....


Thanks for playing and we'll see you next year! 

See how the whole bracket played out below or at this link:

Merry Madness bracket final

Christmas Classics: Round 1 - December 5

Christmas Classics: Round 1 - December 6

Fan Favorites: Round 1 - December 7

Fan Favorites: Round 1 - December 10

Animation: Round 1 - December 11

Animation: Round 1 - December 12

Wild Card: Round 1 - December 13

Wild Card: Round 1 - December 14

Christmas Classics: Round 2 - December 17

Fan Favorites: Round 2 - December 18

Animation: Round 2 - December 19

Wild Cards: Round 2 - December 20

Classic vs Fan Fave: Round 3 - December 21

Animation vs. Wild Card: Round 3 - December 24

Final Round - December 25