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Prospect family seeks to brighten neighbors' day during coronavirus pandemic

"I think is a really great way of social distancing while also bringing up people's spirits, making their day a little bit better."

PROSPECT, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Furry friends are no strangers in the Hillcrest neighborhood in Prospect, but they usually aren't walking on two legs or waving their paws and ringing bells while driving down the street.

"I think is a really great way of social distancing while also bringing up people's spirits, making their day a little bit better," Em Mejias, a student at North Oldham and the founder of Tailster Creations, said.

Em should be in school right now, but with schools and almost everything else closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to do something to cheer people up. Em rallied her parents and younger brother, donned her homemade mascot suits, and hit the road.

"I said we could drive around in the car ringing the bells bringing joy," Mejias's mother, Connie, said.

Which is why Em, dressed as "Ozzie," her brother, "Tailstster," and her dad, Iron Man, decided to cruise the neighborhood roads, waving and saying hello to their neighbors, a simple gesture no longer taken for granted.

"I think they [the neighbors] are the superheroes too because they're staying home," Connie said. "It really does take a village."

"For one day a week, we can sacrifice an hour to help out other people," Em said.

But their Friday paw patrol wasn't just for the neighborhood kids. The Mejias family also made a stop at the Bee Hive assisted-living facility down the road, where Connie usually serves the Eucharist to the Catholic residents. With Connie no longer allowed inside during the pandemic, she and her two daughters decided to greet the residents through their window panes, with the glass stopping germs but letting through the smiles.

"Spreading any amount of joy while we're still here - none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, especially with what's going on," Connie said.

"This is something to distract you from all the crazy stuff that's been going on and I think this is helping some people," Em said.

Connie said they hope to make this a tradition every Friday. They are also taking requests from people who would like them to make an appearance in their neighborhoods. People interested can email them here.

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