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Kidney transplant reconnecting old elementary school friends who haven't seen each other in more than 30 years

Krystal Watson will be undergoing a kidney transplant in a week and will receive a kidney from an old elementary school friend.

TEXAS, USA — Krystal Watson and Jennifer Tindell met in second grade in Central Texas.

Life drifted them apart more than 30 years ago. Watson now lives in Clute and Tindell lives in Waco. 

Recently, they found each other on Facebook and something life-changing is bringing them even closer together. 

"I'm excited. I can't wait," Watson said. "I can't describe it, it's just a true blessing."

Last year, Watson shared that she was eligible for a kidney transplant, detailing her health journey in a Facebook post. She said a few friends messaged her willing to be living donors. Tindell was one of them.

"I just felt compelled. I felt like God was just telling me you know just reach out. What's it gonna hurt?" Tindell recalls.

After getting some bloodwork, Tindell found out she was a match.

"I'm excited and I'm honestly honored for the opportunity to do this," Tindell said.

Both women said it was divine intervention that their faith in God lead them to each other.

"I really believe I was called by God," Tindell said.

"It was just a wonderful feeling that somebody that I met in second grade is now going to be my donor," Watson said.

Soon their lives will be changed forever. Watson said it's a huge gift for someone like Tindell to donate an organ.

"Maybe this is the only reason you are here on this earth, you were here to give somebody else at least a little bit better of a life," Tindell said.

In a week, Tindell will have the opportunity to give her childhood friend a better life.

"I'm so glad that you were in my life," Watson told Tindell during a video call, "I'm glad that I found you and I can't ever thank you enough." 

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