LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A group of Iroquois junior and senior students created a project they've called "Step Up," an effort to tackle an issue they see on the streets.

"You're not just a kid, you have a powerful voice too," Serenia Morrow said. 

Morrow, along with the other students, wanted to make a difference in the community, as well as their student body. That's why they chose to help homelessness. 

"We do have homeless people around our school building," Morrow said. "I catch the TARC in the morning to school and I do see them."

Morrow said it breaks her heart to see. But, it's not just outside the students see the issue firsthand. Homelessness also reaches inside the doors of their own school. 

"I know what it's like to be homeless so I would like to basically give back," Morrow said.

"Iroquois high school has the highest number of students who are homeless," Dr. Carla Kent said. "So it's real to them."

Dr. Kent is a college access resource teacher for Iroquois. She said the students are doing the project as part of a leadership program. 

"We all know somebody or someone who's homeless or been through having problems with money," Faith Wilson said. 

The students are collecting all kinds of items ranging from clothes to hygiene products. They plan to donate them to Wayside Christian Mission.

 "I live in a house, I have clothes and stuff, but they don't. That's why I just thank god for the stuff that I have," Zoe Simmons said. 

In just two days, the group has already collected dozens of items and plans to have much more by the end of next week when they stop collecting. 

"As students, we don't really think we can help much, so we thought with a little bit of the community's help we could get a little farther than just one person," Kyle Patterson. 

The group said the whole school has gotten involved and excited about the donations, proving people can make a difference at any age. 

"Sometimes students get the persona that they are selfish and for them to not only want to give but get excited about a student leadership project in this school that is giving service to someone else, makes me proud to be a teacher," Dr. Kent said. 

As an added incentive to donate items, the students are making it a friendly competition within the school. The classes who donate the most will earn some prizes.