LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Every morning starts relatively the same at Premier Sign and Display on 8th and Breckinridge. Doug Mier and his son Tyler get to work and wait for their daily visitor to stop by.

“She’s been coming around since we got here,” Tyler said.

The Miers opened their store about 4 years ago. They quickly noticed the same woman walking with a can by their shop every day. On a hot summer afternoon, Doug decided to offer her a bottle of water.

“It was really funny because the first time I walked outside to offer a bottle of water, she swung at me with her can,” Doug said.

Doug began leaving bottles of water outside the sign shop and eventually, Jennifer Posey stopped in to thank them.

“She just eventually she started coming in and saying hi and that’s when she kind of met Tyler and met Riley,” Doug said.

Jennifer was once very fearful of dogs until she met Tyler’s blue heeler Riley.

“Riley is the one that really kind of made that first bond with Jennifer,” Doug said. “She’ll bark at people and have the hair on her back raised up but her tail is wagging the whole time and that is kind of how Jennifer is. She’s very cautious and stand-offish.”

Doug and Tyler soon learned their friend Jennifer loved something even more than Riley – the Louisville Cardinals.

"Every time she'd come in it would be are the Cardinals playing? Where are they playing? Who are they playing? I had to bookmark the Cardinals schedule on my computer and even that became distractive so I actually had to just write it all down. It hangs on a piece of paper over on the wall and checks the schedule to see where the next game is going to be," Doug said.

And right on cue, one of Louisville's biggest fans pops in for her daily visit.

Born with cerebral palsy, Jennifer struggles with speech.

"I asked her if she had ever been to a basketball game. No. I got that out of her for sure," Tyler said. “I just thought it would be an awesome thing to be able to take her to her first game."

U of L donated tickets to get Jennifer to her first game.

A gift for a friend they now consider family.

"She adopted us and we adopted her," Doug said. "I know that when she's here, she's a part of our family."