This summer visitors to will notice a new stop on the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The Bardstown Bourbon Company recently added a vintage whiskey library curated by best-selling author Fred Minnick along with the brand new Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar. David Mandell from Bardstown Bourbon Company and Dan Callaway from Bottle and Bond join us in the GDL kitchn along with executive chef Felix Mosso, who cooks up a sweet potatoe gnocchi (recipe listed below).

You can see the full menu and whiskey library online at
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Ingredients (yields 5 portions:
Potato, Baked, Riced 300g
Sweet Potato, Riced 200g
Parmesan, Grated 60g
AP Flour 120g
Corn Starch 50g
Salt and Pepper tt
Egg 1ea
Semolina flour to dust

Bake Sweet potatoes.
Peel cut and cook Idaho potatoes. Finish in the oven to insure the moisture is minimal.
Fold in potato and sweet potato puree.
Fold in egg. cool mixture.
Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. Season with salt & pepper.
Add dry mix to potato mix. Incorporate just until uniform consistency as if you were making a pie dough.
Kneed just until smooth.
Roll out to long cylinders, cut into 1 inch pieces. Dust with semolina flour to keep from sticking.
Blanch, and sauté until golden brown.