LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The WHAS Crusade for Children raised nearly $5.5 million during its 64th Annual telethon.

The dedicated firefighters and their families, along with volunteers, are the ones to thank for helping the effort.

One volunteer, Danny Spayd, went beyond the call of duty. Spayd has volunteered for the past 40 years without missing a beat, not even while battling cancer.

In fact, Spayd received a double dosage of chemotherapy recently and still made it out this year.

“Just knowing that you’re helping an underprivileged child and the family that has to sit and watch their child go through this. I know people that have to sit and watch me go through what I’m going through now. It just fills your heart to know that you’re able to donate your time help somebody that’s going through a tough time in their life,” he said.

Spayd says he hopes to volunteer for another 40 years.

One-hundred percent of the money raised from the WHAS Crusade for Children and volunteers like Danny, will help children in Kentuckiana with special needs.

The final total for 2017’s telethon is $5,463,292.77.