LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The WHAS Crusade for Children cannot express how crucial your kindness really is.

Dawn Lee, Crusade for Children President and CEO explains the importance of donating year round: “The endowment is what really allows us to do that by covering any expenses that we have and it also allows us to put money on the tote board to increase that total. Last year we had 14 million dollars in requests and we don't raise that much money so we need to raise more funds and this is giving us an avenue.”

December 3 marks the "Building the Future" special which focuses on building up the Crusade's endowment. Last year, the Crusade for children added 150 thousand from the endowment to reach 5.4 million dollars.

“It's just a great way to enter the holiday season because we are very fortunate and it’s an opportunity for us to remember people who may not be as fortunate this time,” Lee said.

Terry Meiners and Melissa Swan will be hosting along with our Morning Brew crew and, most importantly, the families that you help because of your donations.

“They will warm your heart, we've got some terrific kids that are going to be joining us,” Lee said.

As we navigate through the season of giving, the Crusade is hopeful you'll give back and continue its mission to help Kentuckiana children with special needs. To learn more or donate visit www.whascrusade.org.