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65th WHAS Crusade for Children raises $5.6M

The organization raised $5.6 million during its 65th telethon.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was another great year for America’s most successful local telethon.

The WHAS Crusade for Children raised $5.6 million during its 65th telethon with the help of local organizations, businesses, schools and fire departments.

This year’s donations were up more than $175,000 from last year’s event.

Before combining departments with Jeffersontown on July 1, the McMahan Fire Department brought in the most donations with more than $193,000 collected – a record for the district.

The Archdiocese of Louisville also set a record this year with a total of $308,000 in donations.

So far, the Crusade for Children has raised more than $180 million to help children with special needs in its 65-year history.

“The WHAS Crusade for Children continues to be a demonstration of caring and coming together for the greater purpose of helping children with special needs. Every penny really makes a difference and we are so grateful for the continued generosity of this community. It is heartwarming to see the people of Kentuckiana once again step up to make life better for children with special needs. A huge thank you to all who gave, the firefighters who worked tirelessly to collect, and the dedicated volunteers that help every year,” Dawn Lee, President & CEO, said in a statement.

Top 5 Kentucky Fire Departments

McMahan Fire Protection District $193,509.68

Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District $189,307.09

Fern Creek Fire Department $120,944.51

Zoneton Fire Protection District $88,616.97

Highview Fire Protection District $86,612.31

Top 5 Indiana Fire Departments

Lafayette Township Fire Department $111,838.00

Charlestown Fire Department $62,000

Monroe Township Fire Department $41,614.82

New Albany Fire Department & Harvest Homecoming $33,626.61

Georgetown Township Fire Department $30,464.00

Top Organizations

Archdiocese of Louisville $308,000

LG&E KU PPL Companies $229,240

Norton Healthcare $133,305.78

McAlister’s Deli $110,036.14

Jefferson County Public Schools $108,202.53