LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The411: Many hear the question all of the time. Where are the men in the community when things happen? They are there and they don't receive any acknowledgement but they just help whenever called upon. They don't expect attention they just do what they can with no attention drawn upon themselves or the situation.

But there is a group of men or should I say a huge group that's turning a lot of heads because they are reaching all parts of the community not just West Louisville. These men have been mobilizing in silence with hardly any attention being drown to them and they are in plain sight. Watching and filling voids that many had no idea were being filled. Not asking for pay just a thank you.

Some 200 African American and men of color have been meeting rotating area churches. The United Black Men's Ministry have bible study, discussion on issues affecting their particular community and networking amongst themselves.

These men live right in our community. You will find them working in every profession from a professor, entrepreneur, firefighter, military veteran, coaches, community and church leaders to retired professional athletes.

In December, they met at Bates Memorial Church in the Smoketown neighborhood. When I mentioned "they", I should clarify how many were present. Nearly, 300 men attended to see what they could do help others and to express some of their frustrations. This group of men mobilized after witnessing in their community a hate crime where a man walks into a retail food chain and opens fire on people of color. That sparked anger, disappointment, confusion and many of their instincts kicked in that they needed to take the lead. Discussing how to make their homes a safe place for them and their families. They talk openly about what happened, how to cope and how to move forward with compassion, respect and support.

The Jeffersontown Kroger made people realize that we can't be neighborly when we have no idea the names of the families living 500 feet from the home you own.

Now, these fathers, husbands, uncles, mentors, caregivers, coaches and leaders invite you to be a part of the solution. It also gives them a chance to talk to others dealing with issues, mentor and motivate one another.

The March meeting will take place on Saturday, March 2nd at Canaan Christian Church located at 840 Hikes Lane at 9:00 am.

They invite you to attend their bible study, fellowship, and a worship service.

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