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Louisville author encourages readers to change their way of thinking in '#Mindset'

Derron Rowan shares his words on how he turned pain into passion in his new book.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This has been a tough year to say the least in so many ways.

Many wanted 2020 to be their breakout year but instead, have put their goals on pause.

Louisville native Derron Rowan penned #MINDSET, A MINDSET OF CHANGE. 

It’s a collection of Rowan’s thoughts on how he dealt with disappointments and uncertainty. He turned his pain into power with a shift in his thinking. Putting himself in a vulnerable position makes it relatable to those reading the book – especially those who feel like they are all alone and no one around them to understand or notice what they are going through.

Rowan said, “I decided to write the book because I believe it’s my purpose to uplift, inspire and motivate others. I’ve always wanted people to see the best in themselves. To know that their failures, their decisions, their mistakes, are not their grave. That we can overcome and move forward with a new mindset and new strategies.”

His unique voice shows how when no one believes in you, never give up on yourself. Some advice he shared was to dedicate time to be a better you. Rowan also encourages to be proud to give yourself a standing ovation and “clap for yourself.”

The theme is sprinkled throughout the book. It’s a quick read and because it’s so relatable, you not only wanted to know what Rowan did to get back on track but how you could see yourself getting back on track. Each chapter gives you an example of what you need to change in your life.

Credit: Derron Rowan
Derron Rowan

“I chose the chapters of the book after my apparel line of clothing. Each chapter has a direct meaning of inspiration and encouragement that has a message,” he said.

The book does not invent new concepts rather it references experts from their fields of study. He adds his commentary and how it applies to his struggle in hopes of helping the reader avoid similar scenarios.

There’s no extremely high or unobtainable goal when reading what Rowan refers to as his manuscript. He tries to meet people right where they are currently in like. At times, you feel like you are having a conversation with the author.

It’s a book of awareness and that anyone can be a vessel to disseminate information. Even though we are in a pandemic Rowan encourages readers to stop wasting time. Don’t keep putting off things because you are fearful of negative reaction and rejection. Find the time to be a better you. He encourages letting go of the past, so you be ‘present’ in the future.

When you read the author’s first book, he wants you to be open-minded. Open the door to new possibilities, change your mindset and ‘clap for yourself’.

You can get a copy of #MINDSET A Mindset of change by Derron Rowan at mindsetthebook.com

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