LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Trolley Hop on Frankfort Avenue is a tradition that's been around for years. It's a family-friendly event that happens for one day every month.

It gives local businesses a chance to meet new people, give them a taste of their menu or a sample of what they have to offer.

"It's a buzz feel," Margot McMillen, the front of the house manager at Bourbon's Bistro, said. "A little bit of electricity in the air, you have bands playing you have people up and down the street, we always have nice foot traffic but on a trolley hop night it's amplified."

But this Friday was different. Just days before labor day weekend, owners found out the hop was canceled for the month of August. The Frankfort Avenue Facebook page also posted about why it won't be happening.

"We were definitely disappointed," Emily Heyde, one of the co-owners of Fork and Barrel, told us." "It certainly is a great event during this time of year."

Its funding was cut from this year's budget, so staying afloat relies solely on sponsors, something they couldn't get for August.

"So we get more people in and out of the restaurant on a trolley hop night than we do a regular Friday," McMillen said. "It's a different type of crowd. The dining room fills up and the patio fills up and the bar, and when they said it might not happen I was like oh, it's going to be a deficit to this area."

No longer an option for this holiday weekend, the next one is planned for September 27, but they still need a sponsor.

"The trolley hop helped bring people who weren't going out of town or that didn't have a cookout, it was something else that oh I know that I can go and do that," McMillen said.

If you'd like to learn more or become a sponsor, visit their website.