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'The Drew Barrymore Show' Is The Fastest-Growing Show in Daytime!

'The Drew Barrymore Show' Is The Fastest-Growing Show in Daytime!

Drew Barrymore is the rebel of daytime talk shows! The Drew Barrymore Show is now the fastest-growing show on daytime television, adding almost half a million viewers year over year. 

Currently in its third season, the show has increased its total viewership by 70 percent this year, averaging 1.2 million viewers in 2022. The daily, syndicated daytime series is now ranked number 4 among the 11 syndicated talk shows on air. 

The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

The show achieved its most-watched week of the season last month, reporting 1.33 million viewers between Oct. 24 and 28. To date, the highest-rated episodes of the season include guest appearances from Susan Sarandon, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams, and George Clooney. 

Clooney's episode made headlines for his supportive relationship advice, and Barrymore later told ET he acted as her "therapist." 

"That was what was so amazing, was that George spent an hour and fifteen minutes here on the set. So we were able to just maximize the conversation," Drew told ET’s Nischelle Turner. "He was so gracious and giving of his time."

This week, the show began with a guest host appearance from Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson filling in at the news desk while Barrymore recovered from COVID-19. On Wednesday, Drew returned to interview chef and cookbook author Ina Garten. The Barefoot Contessa star joined Barrymore for the whole show and dished on her disastrous first date with her husband of 54 years, Jeffrey, adding a fews stories about texts gone awry as well. 

"My dear friend, who's also my publicist, he sent a text to her, and he meant it for me, and he said, 'You're gonna be delicious tonight,' and it went to her," Ina shares, laughing. "She was like, ‘Woah.’ She sent back, 'I don’t think this was meant for me.'"

After the storytime, Barrymore also hosted actress Zosia Mamet in the kitchen on Wednesday to try their hand at Scrambled Eggs Cacio e Pepe from Garten's new book, "Go To Dinners." 


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