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Joss Stone Recalls 15 Doctors Saving Her and Her Son's Life During His Birth (Exclusive)

Joss Stone Recalls 15 Doctors Saving Her and Her Son's Life During His Birth (Exclusive)

Joss Stone is feeling extra grateful this holiday season. The "Bring on Christmas Day" singer and her partner, Cody DaLuz, welcomed their baby boy, Shackleton, in October, following a scary labor and delivery. 

"You know, it's nice to be alive," the 35-year-old told ET during the National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington, D.C. "It really is. I'm very, very grateful for it."

Stone and DaLuz welcomed their son on Oct. 18. Along with their son’s announcement, the pair detailed how due to a split uterus, Stone was in labor for 30 hours before delivering her son via emergency C-section.  

"You know, we all of us moms have our best stories and many of us have war stories kind of with the birth. And I was hoping to not be one of those," she said. "I wanted to be like, 'Oh, you have beautiful four-hour labor. And then I just sneezed, and he fell out.' But no, that's not what happened. But I'm here and there was 15 doctors that just like swarmed in when everything went a bit wrong. And they saved my life and saved my baby's life for me. I felt truly like they were angels."

Stone, who also shares 1-year-old daughter Violet with DaLuz, said that her son’s safe arrival makes this time of year a little more special. 

"It does make Christmas a little bit more shiny," she added. "Because we're here and it's that time of year where you think about that. You think about who's looking after me. There are angels and they do exist. I know they do, because I'm still here, right now. But I don't think I would be if there weren't angels."

Stone and DaLuz took to Instagram to introduce their baby boy to the world and share the story surrounding his birth.

"I had labor for 30 hours, and then it all went a bit t*ts up," the "Never Forget My Love" singer said during the almost seven-minute video.

"Actually, I think it was 32 hours in, wasn’t it? It was because my uterus split. Anyways, the doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt saved my life and saved his life and they are amazing. So yeah, all ended well, and now we have our little man."

Now that she is back to work, Stone admitted that having two under two has its perks -- she can take her family anywhere she goes. 

"It's so nice," she told ET. "I'm very glad that I can have them here. And these moments are fleeting, because when they're in school, none of this will be happening, you know?  I don't look forward to that at all. For me, I can say right now, 'Let's go and have some fun Christmas time at the Christmas lighting,' and I don't have to pull them out of school or anything because she's [Violet] only two and he [Shackleton] is five weeks old, so I can drag them around with me for at least another year."

For the occasion in D.C., which Stone called "pretty cool," she was able to get everyone in the holiday spirit. 

"It was fun," she said about performing "That’s What Christmas Means to Me."

"It got everybody, like, in the good spirit and then "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," that one is just beautiful," she added. "I just think it's such a lovely, warming, gorgeousness of a song. And at Christmas."

The National Christmas Tree Lighting: Celebrating 100 Years will air on CBS Dec. 11.


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