LOUISVILLE, Ky. — On the rocks, with ice cream, or straight up? No, not bourbon -- Kentucky's other favorite drink! 

A group of about 50 people gathered at the Frazier History Museum on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Ale-8-One's 93rd birthday. The popular beverage hooks fans by the taste buds, refreshing and astonishing all who try it and try to describe it.


“We moved away and I had people to bring it to us,"  Jeff Finley, who has been drinking Ale 8 since birth, said.  "Once they drank it they were like ‘You were right! It’s not like this or that!’”

Marketing Director for the soft drink Chris Doyle says there have been a lot of different ways to describe the drink over the years, but one sticks out in his mind.  “My favorite is 'nectar of the gods,'" Doyle said.  "We get that quite a bit, so that might be my go to as well.”

Ethan Fouts, who loves the ginger root drink as much as he loves being among the trees in the forest, says the two pair nicely and he wanted to share that with his local outdoors men and women.

“I’ve been giving them to all the Indiana state park naturalists at all their state parks,” Fouts said.  

A rarity in today's Goliath market of soft drink, fiercely passionate fans fan the flames of support, still using secret ingredients originally written by Ale 8’s creator.

“50 years ago, 80 years ago, every little community had their own soft drink," Doyle said.  "We've been one of the few that has survived and thrived and become part of Kentucky. That’s what fuels us.”

If you didn’t get a chance to celebrate, you can head to Winchester to tour the facility.  For more information on bottling and tours, you can click HERE!!!