Summer 2016 - 3rd warmest on record

The Summer of 2016 was recorded as the third hottest summer on record in Louisville but if you are thinking to yourself that the summer of 2012 was hotter, in ways you are right.  2012 was officially only the 5th hottest year on record.

Here is a breakdown to explain what I am talking about.

Record keeping for Summer covers the entire months of June, July, and August.  Meteorological Fall started September 1st.  The average temperature for this summer was 80.1 degrees, 2.3 degrees above the seasonal average.  2012 was 79.7 degrees.

But as you can see from the graphics that only tells part of the story.  Those numbers include both the highs and the lows.  2012 was almost 2 degrees hotter for daytime highs for the summer as whole.  That summer was dominated by a scorching July that had an average high of 95.5 degrees and included 7 days of 100 degrees or hotter.  That 95 degree average high was close to 7 degrees above the seasonal average for the month.

It was the lows that put this year over the top with 71.2 degrees for an average overnight low.  That makes 2016 the second warmest night time low on record.  Those warm lows are a big indictor of how muggy it was this year.

2013-2015 were a little more mild.  Here are the numbers for comparison sake.  2013 had an average high of 85.8 degrees and an average low of 67.9 degrees.  2014 had an average high of 86.6 degrees and an average low of 68.2 degrees.  2015 had an average high of 86.5 degrees and an average low of 68.9 degrees.

The difference in the summers can be represented pretty well when you compare the 90 degree days of the year.

2016 is just above average, 2013-2015 were below average, and 2012 was way over.

Earlier I said that 2016 has the second warmest summer lows on record.  What year was the warmest?  Our warmest summer on record total, 2010.

2010 not only had hotter highs than 2012 but warmer lows than 2016.

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