Louisville businessman Little John might be next big reality TV star


by WHAS11


Posted on January 30, 2013 at 6:38 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 31 at 12:25 AM

(WHAS11) -- Move over Honey Boo Boo and Swamp People this Louisville businessman may soon be reality TV's next big star.

Shooting is underway for a new show starring Little John of Little John Derby Jewelry.

You've seen his wacky commercials, now get ready to see a lot more of Little John and the rest of the family as they plan to make their mark on reality show TV.

"We are not going to do anything that might put Kentucky or us look dumb. We may have to throw something sophisticated in there,” John Tan said.

John's wife Melissa was contacted by 44 Blue Productions back in November about their interest in a reality show.

"I thought it was just a prank call. So I hung up on them," Melissa Tan said.

But once Melissa and John took a closer look, they realized this was legit. The company has shows on HGTV, A&E and HBO. Soon the talks began .They've shot interviews with the entire family and a pilot this weekend. The theme of the show is more than you see on those commercials.

"What they really liked is that my whole family is in the pawn business," Melissa Tan said.

Melissa credits shows like Honey Boo and Buck Wild for increasing the demand in southern style reality.

"They are looking for a southern pawn shop family atmosphere with people in the business that were all family. Then you throw John in there? Yeah!

And don't worry they plan to work a sweet deal.

"Oh we getting paid. We haven't reached that amount yet. But we are not doing it for free," Melissa Tan said.

So for the Tan family this is just the beginning.

After the pilot gets approval, it will be shopped to networks.
Then the production company would be in town to shoot one season.

There's no word yet on when it will air, but we will keep you posted