LMPD hosting anti-violence walks


by Chelsea Rabideau


Posted on March 9, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Updated Saturday, Mar 9 at 12:21 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Louisville Metro Police’s 90 Days and 90 Nights campaign to keep the streets safe is marching on. Dozens of people joined in a walk to end violence in neighborhoods across the city.

With every step, dressed in colors that can’t be missed, this group is making a statement. They want criminals to know, they’ve had enough.

LMPD organizes these anti-violence walks. The first was in the Oakdale neighborhood. They’re moving from neighborhood to neighborhood in the hopes of spreading the message.

“We were encouraging them to come to our Old Louisville walk,” Major Kim Kraeszig said. “To really just have a snowball effect with just our different neighborhoods coming together and saying, we’re tired of the criminal activity in our neighborhoods.”

They’re tired of the strings of break-ins, the shootings, and the crime that makes them feel unsafe in the neighborhoods they love.

“It’s just really disheartening because, you know, they cost so much money, we work so hard for our things, and for somebody to just come in and steal it, it’s just something that everybody’s tired of,” Maj. Kraeszig explained.

Block Watch Captain Marvin Fackler added, “We’re looking out for each other and by doing that, we’ve come together.”

It’s also a chance to build relationships. “That’s part of this walk,” Fackler said. “You get to get out and you get to meet somebody else, plus you get to meet the officers, the officers walk with us and you get to meet them.”

The group is planning another walk for Monday night at 5:30. If you’re interested in joining, you can meet the group at Churchman Chapel on LaSalle Avenue.