Former boss describes accused killer's actions as employee


by WHAS11

Posted on May 8, 2012 at 11:36 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 9 at 9:45 AM

BORDEN, Ind. (WHAS11 -)- The man who spent more time than nearly anyone with William Clyde Gibson, the accused killer of three women, spoke to WHAS11 news. David King owns a hardwood flooring company in Southern Indiana and described the shock he felt when learning about the accusations against the 54-year-old New Albany native who use to work for him.
"I had a customer call me up on the phone,"  King said. "I hurried up and got on my iPhone and looked it up real quick, and I was like, 'oh my goodness.'"
The surprise is still setting in for King.
"It’s mind blowing,"  King said. "I can't believe I sat next to him that long, knowing what I know now."
King says Gibson worked for his company for a year and a half. He did not see any red flags at the time, and now reflects on the hours he spent working with an accused killer. He remembers one detail, the sexual innuendos Gibson would utter on the job that King he felt was harmless guy talk.
"He said odd things, but like I said, back then it seemed like it was nothing, but now it changes everything," King said.
King fired him because his work ethic began slipping a few months ago, not long after Gibson’s mother died and not long before the body of Christine Whitis was allegedly found in his home on April 19.
"It was like he was having bellyaches, he was sick all the time like a little kid would, calling in, not going to the jobs," remembers King. "What I do, timeline is everything, so I couldn't afford him any longer."
Police have been searching Gibson’s New Albany home and yard for weeks. They have linked him to the deaths of three women.
"It is sickening. I was scared for my customers and my family and my neighbors, he knows where I live, so, I feel very blessed that nothing happened," King said.
King says he did not do a background check on King because he came recommended by a mutual friend. He says if he had checked it he would not have hired Gibson.
Gibson's time on Indiana’s sex offender registry was set to end in 2015. That would be 16 years on the registry after serving two years in prison.