Mom seeks policy change after student downloads porn on school-issued tablet


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 6:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 8 at 2:01 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – An Eastern High school parent is crying foul after the take home tablet issued to her daughter had pornographic material on it instead of school work.

Eastern High School issued the Android tablet for Stephanie Torres’ 16-year-old daughter; she didn’t know she’d be learning far more than the “3 r’s” – more like reading, writing and raunchy.

Torres said the tablet was sent home so her daughter could do particular homework for her class.

She said she just had a hunch. She noticed her daughter was finishing her homework way too early, and then spending all her time on the tablet.

“Naked rock stars, and full-frontal nudity and they are touching themselves. My daughter has had access to that through her tablet,” Torres said.

More disturbing was the accounts were her daughter had conversations with men much older than her. Torres was shocked to learn the tablets don’t have filters on them.

“I already have to go into my home computer to make sure that my kids aren’t doing things which is available to everyone and faces outwards so everyone [can] see what they are doing,” Torres said.

Jefferson County Public Schools has a policy where parents sign off on acceptable uses, Torres says the district should have filters and the policy doesn’t go far enough.

She also says she signed the agreement and understood it was her responsibility to monitor her daughter.

JCPS said in a statement:

“Each year every JCPS student is provided a copy of the JCPS Acceptable Use Policy which applies, in part, to any JCPS device on or off school grounds.  Parents/guardians and students at Eastern must sign an agreement stating the device will be used in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy.  We encourage parents/guardians to discuss with their students proper Internet activity."

Still, Torres says the district should go a step further with the policy and add filters, a message she plans to take up with officials

"I try hard enough to keep my kids from this kind of thing. They should not have this kind of access through JCPS issued iPads," Torres said.

JCPS says the tablets are not required for all the classes. When the tablet is used in the school, it is covered under district wide filters.