Meet 'Champ' and the college students that help saved his life


by Rachel Platt

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 6:28 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 6 at 3:57 PM

(WHAS11) -- A beagle named Champ is getting a second chance at life thanks to four college students.

Champ, unlucky by some standards, on the other hand he is one of the luckiest thanks to Elijah and Natalia, two of four hikers who found him after he was hit by a train and lost one of his back legs. Elijah and Natalie rescued him, at first not sure he was even alive.

Once they picked him up they said they realized the severity of his injuries. Champ had a mangled leg and they needed help, but they were in the middle of nowhere hiking in Otter Creek. They wrapped him in a poncho and walked  the tracks back to their car, encouraging the dog the whole way, saying "hang on champ, you can do it."

And so his name became Champ, but they still had to get Champ to an animal hospital and get surgery, which doesn't come cheap when you’re a college student. The cost of this type of surgery is about $4,000.

Luckily, the Jefferson Animal Hospital gave them a break and charged them $1800.

Four college students charged and pooled their money, saying it was worth every penny. Friends and family have pitched in money too for ongoing expenses.

Champ is staying at Elijah's apartment, but he's a full time student at UofL with a full time job.

Bev Watson with United Rescues of Kentucky is doing her best now to find Champ the perfect fit, a home with a fenced in back yard.

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