Working for 10-year-old CEO is like 'a day at Disneyland'


by CNN

Posted on August 23, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Updated Saturday, Aug 23 at 8:35 AM

(CNN) - Jack Jones is the CEO of JR Jones Management Group, a company that buys and sells textbooks online from his home in Murray, Ky.  He's ten years old.

“The joy of people learning is one of the things we take pride in,” Jones said.

"We" meaning Jones and his four employees.  One of them is marketing director Skylar Swalls, who is also 10.

“Working for Jones is  a day at Disneyland,” she said.

On this particular day, Jones spent his time in his office paying bills.  And Skylar?  Let's say she's a little go-getter.

“I'm always like, ‘Jack is there something I can do?  Anything I can do?  I can make a phone call.  I can run back to the house and do something if you need me to go grab something.  I can go get you a coffee or something,’” she said.

This is a small business now, but Jones runs it like a larger corporation.  Every once in a while, they have meetings around their conference table, where Jones and his employees talk about important topics such as the employee handbook.

“There's no alcohol or weapons in the workplace, and that's in our book,” he said.

And the dress code is smart casual.

“Jack takes his fashion very, very seriously,” Swalls said.

Of course, being ten, you have the giggles, the sniffles and there's also the occasional spill of ice cream on pants.

“Yesterday, that happened to Jack.  It was chaos,” Swalls said.

But the secret to running a successful business rings true for anyone at any age: Don't let other people tell you what you can and can't do.

A piece of advice we could all put in our own handbook.

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