The untold story of a shooting survivor


by Renee Murphy

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 7:20 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Their stories do not always make the biggest headlines, but the impact of what happens to them never goes away. We are talking about survivors of shootings, those who are injured but not killed in violent crimes.
Marc Azerot was shot in the stomach with a round from an assault rifle at close range.
“It didn't kill me. It's only going to make me stronger. It's going to take time,” Azerot said.
Marc Azerot says his neighbor shot him in January at his apartment at 29th and Market Streets. DaJuan Malone was arrested for the assault.

Azerot says he had just spoken to Malone an hour earlier and there were no problems.
“I was asleep and my neighbor woke me up out of my sleep and I went to the door, told me he was going to kill me and he shot me,” Azerot said. “I kept telling the police, I didn't want to die in the streets. I didn't want to die alone and I had a 10-year-old little girl.”
Azerot's injuries were life threatening.
“It's a pain I have never felt before, don't want to feel again," Azerot said.
He showed us how big the wound is and told us the emotional scar is even bigger.
“But I got post traumatic stress disorder. This is what they diagnosed me with and I always thought that was for people who fought in wars. Got me on anxiety medicine," Azerot said.
Azerot says he cannot sleep, he has lost 40 pounds and the fear consumes him. He has left his apartment, cannot work and he does not have any insurance. He says he is trying to get by.
“The whole thing is tragic even though I didn't lose my life it was a tragic situation. It was a tragic event that happened.  I will never forget the day, I will never forget the time,” Azerot said. “It's hard.  It's only been 45 days since it's happened but it's been the hardest 45 days of my life.”