Real-life 'Grinch' steals New Albany women's holiday display


by WHAS11

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 7:07 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- This Christmas Debra Henderson's front yard will be bare. For years she took pride in decorating it with large Christmas inflatables, but earlier this week she woke up to find them all stolen from her own yard.

"How can anybody do that? It was my Christmas," Debra Henderson said.

Henderson is shaken up after waking up Monday morning to discover that all four of her holiday inflatables had been stolen from her front yard

"When I got up and seen it gone I was like, I stood out here and screamed. I was so upset . I sat down on the stoop and started crying, " Henderson said.

For seven years she took pride in setting up the decorations, many passed down from relatives or given to her as gifts. Now there's only a bare space in her front yard.

The only thing left behind was a small Mickey Mouse inflatable.

"I was gonna put a sign out that said don't forget Mickey tonight. Might as well took it. Cause that's the cheapest thing I had," Henderson said.

Not only did they steal all of her holiday decorations outside, they took all of the parts that come with it even the extension cords.

"It took a chunk out of my heart cause I don’t' know what else to do,” Henderson said.

She says she loves decorating for the holidays. One look inside her home and that's clear. But her outside decorations she took extra pride in. Who could have done it or why, remains the biggest mystery to her of all.

"It feels like it took a chunk out of my heart. I have just ached over this cause I can't replace them," Henderson said.

For now she will enjoy what's left and hope the person that did it will finally be caught. 

New Albany police say it's been common in recent years to have holiday decorations stolen or even vandalized. They have no suspects in this case.