Owner says dog helped save her life after lawn mower accident


by Renee Murhpy


Posted on July 29, 2011 at 6:34 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 29 at 6:38 PM

(WHAS11) -- A Mount Washington woman is now recovering after losing her hand in a lawn mowing accident. 

But, she says she wouldn’t be alive if it were not for her dog.

In May, Audrey Callaway was mowing her lawn on a riding mower off Highway 660. 

“I was mowing the yard.  I was on the hill over there when I came around the hill the plastic seat that sits on the mower slid and it kind of slid me off and when it slid I landed this way and the mower just kind of came over my hand,” said Callaway.

Callaway’s hand was completely severed.  She was able to turn the mower off and she was lying in a ditch bleeding and in shock.

“I do remember laying this way with my head on the road and there’s cars everywhere and Benny was standing in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move,” Callaway said.

Her dog, Benny, a yellow lab, stood in the street.  He stood there to make sure no one hit her and wanted to make sure someone stopped to help.  Benny is trained to stay closer to the house and to stay closer to the house and to stay away from the street.  But on that day Benny broke the rules.
“My dog saved me,” Callaway said. “I truly believe that he kept me from bleeding to death.”

A passer-by did stop and told neighbors about the dog in the street.  They saw Callaway and called for help.  Callaway spent seven weeks in the hospital and is now back home recovering and embracing life.  While Callaway was in the hospital, friends kept Benny.  She became emotional describing what it was like when Benny came back home after the accident.

“They said when they hit Waterford Road right here to bring him back.  He was all over the place. He knew he was coming home.  Isn’t that awesome?” Callaway went on to say, “…to go in the road and stop traffic is pretty awesome.  He’s my hero dog.”
Callaway has had Benny for a year.