Metro Animal Services rescues almost 50 animals from apartment


by Maureen Hagrman

Posted on October 14, 2009 at 1:56 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 5:59 PM

It's a term you've been hearing more and more lately; animal hoarding.
In Louisville, Metro Animal Services has rescued nearly 50 animals from a small apartment in Shively. They say it’s a sad case of hoarding and the woman responsible is nowhere to be found.
Being caged at Metro Animal Service might be the life of Riley for these cats compared to where they used to live and they're likely doing something they may not have done in a while, eating.
They're just a few of the 47 cats and 1 dog rescued from a home in Shively Tuesday.
Jackie Gulbe with Metro Animal Services says Lynn Jackson, a woman in her early 50s, was hoarding the animals.
"The conditions were pretty bad. There was excessive feces, it was actually obvious from the outside of the residence that there were numerous animals inside,” said Gulbe. "There were cats everywhere including in the kitchen cabinets, in the drawer of the stove, cats everywhere."
She says the conditions of these cats vary, some are hard to handle, others friendly, some thin and ill, others not. They range in age and size.
Gulbe says this is the result of hoarding, an illness she says Metro Animal Services may have noticed in Jackson in the past and tried to prevent.
"We had cited her in the past for licensing. We were working with her through the Shamrock Foundation to try to get her animals neutered to try to get her animals down, and she did not follow through with the original plan,” said Gulbe.
Jackson wasn't home when the authorities came with a warrant for the animals and now, she's nowhere to be found.
"When you don't care properly for your animals and you let them live in conditions like this. yah, it's a form of abuse. not only for the animals, but I can't imagine anyone living in those conditions from a human perspective as well,” she said.
Charges have yet to be determined, but Gulbe says they'll be along the lines of cruelty, and provisions of necessities.
The animals will be available for adoption only after they've been  evaluated and that will be a minimum of five days.