Local daycare connects soldiers with their kids by video cameras


by Renee Murphy


Posted on November 11, 2009 at 6:48 PM

It's never easy being thousands of miles away from your kids but on this Veterans Day some local soldiers are still able to see their children while they are serving overseas.

It's thanks in part to a day care center in Radcliff connecting military families worlds apart.

Nothing breaks a parent's heart like not being able to see their child grow up.

Wednesday, a father serving in Iraq got to see his little girl in Radcliff on her birthday.

It’s Emma Pitts 4th birthday and she is able to share her big day with her father Sgt. First Class Shaun Pitts who is serving overseas

“I just wanted to call and tell you that I love you and I miss you and happy birthday,” said Sgt. Pitts to his daughter.

The lively 4-year-old can't see her father who is in Iraq but he can see her. Emma's daycare center, Little People's Child Development Center in Radcliff, has cameras set up throughout the building.

Parents anywhere in the world can log on to the internet and see the video in real time. There is no sound on the feed but Shaun Pitts can call in and have the closest thing possible to a face to face conversation.

“It’s wonderful but I obviously don't get to see and get on there as much as I would like. It’s nice to be able to log on and have her just a couple of buttons away,” said Pitts.

“It’s fantastic, it’s fantastic I don't feel like I’m missing near as much.”

Mom agrees because their schedules are so different he can catch up with her at daycare more easily than he can at home.

“When she's here he can see her all day long,” she said. “He'll call me and say I think she just got into time out or something along those lines.”

The daycare center has many military families and the owners describe what it means to be able to do this for veterans on this holiday.

The daycare center had 16 cameras installed in February and you can see the difference its making in the lives of some families.

Sgt. Pitts is scheduled to return home in April.