Iroquois Park has reports of suspicious man following women


by Alex Schuman

Posted on July 13, 2014 at 7:34 PM

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)—Runners in the Iroquois Park area need to be aware of a suspicious man.

A sign is hanging in the park warning female joggers to beware of a suspicious man and police are backing up that warning.
"There's a lot of times I'm up here and ya know there's not anybody around," Julie, a frequent park runner, said. 
Julie comes to Iroquois Park to bike and run.  This sign did not surprise her at all.
"No, because I've had a couple of incidents.  I've ran into a couple of men who had been doin' inappropriate things at the park," she added.
The sign specifically warns about a white man in his 20s with shaved blond hair who drives a silver sedan with the front bumper taped on.  He was spotted along a stretch of the main path and road through the park between the playground and golf course between 10:30 and 11 in the morning on Thursday.
It’s a little more than half a mile between the playground and the golf course, so without a cell phone or a nearby runner, the only thing around someone in the park is trees. 
"I know at U of L's campus they have those little emergency things you can push, and even that would be nice," Julie suggested
LMPD's Third Division responded to a similar complaint about a man following a woman on Friday.  They did not find anyone, but are aware of the situation and as of Sunday afternoon did not receive any other reports of  the man.
"It's sad because it's such a beautiful park.  I've had friends who say they don't come up here anymore because they don't feel safe," Julie said. 
WHAS11 also reached out to Metro Parks, but at this time have not heard back.  They advise people as part of their safety tips to always travel in groups.
"It didn't really say what happened to that person, but I hope nothin' happened to them," Julie said. 
LMPD did not post the sign in the park.