Congressional candidate plans to air 'graphic' anti-abortion ad


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 7:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 26 at 8:15 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- An anti-abortion activist has filed to run for Kentucky's 2nd District with the purpose of running graphic ads showing a dismembered fetus. It will run here on WHAS11 Wednesday.


Some images may be offensive and even uncomfortable to many but he says that's the point. Its a thirty second ad that will run on nine stations in Kentucky and Indiana . It shows a dismembered fetus and takes direct aim at the pro choice views of President Obama. The man behind the ad is tea party candidate for the 2nd Congressional District Andrew Beacham, a long time pro life activist.

WHAS11's Claudia Coffey spoke to Andrew Beacham on the phone Tuesday and he says he is in this race to win, but more importantly he wants to use his candidacy to share his pro life views. 

"It's the seen image of what is abortion, what is choice, what does it mean to be standing for abortion. So we are putting the image with the rhetoric so people can actually see what they are consenting to," said Beacham.
Whether you agree with it or not,  this is protected free speech said Russ Weaver, a law professor at the University of Louisville.
"It's part of a large discussion of issues. From the political standpoint , he's making political points, he's conveying political ideas and that is what free speech. That's why we protect free speech and give people the opportunity to do it , " said Weaver.
Beacham says some stations tried to not air the ad but under FCC requirements, they have to. This is the case at WHAS.
Mark Pimentel, President and general manager of WHAS:
"Federal law requires TV stations air spots produced by candidates who are running for federal offices like Congress. These laws were written by the legislators themselves and
also require not only do we air them, but also sell them the time at the lowest rate available in that time period."

Beacham is not the first to test the political airwaves. Twenty years ago, an Indiana candidate Michael Bailey ran for office on a pro life platform and also aired ads similar Beachams.

Beacham is in fact an Indiana resident, but Constitution allows for people to run for office even if they are not a resident of that state as long as they are at the the time of the election. As far as the time of the day that the ads air, he does not feel that it will be offensive to children.
"To say its anymore graphic than anything else like CSI or a number of other shows or videos it's all in our culture  and around us. It's not any more offensive than anything else. " said Beacham.
Rep. Brett Guthrie, the incumbent Republican declined comment and our calls were not returned by the democratic challenger
David Bauscher, the Chair of Kentucky Right to Life had this to say.
"Candidate Andrew Beacham's decision to display images of aborted babies as part of his campaign was not at any point coordinated with Kentucky Right to Life's Political Action Committee. Nonetheless, KRLA-PAC sees his effort as a means of conveying the reality of abortion and helping to move the national discussion beyond platitudes."