Employee fired from Lowe's for chasing robber gets new job offer


by Alex Schuman


Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:46 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 18 at 9:38 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Karen Sizemore received her first job offer after getting fired from Lowe’s almost two weeks ago. 

Café Press offered her positions in their card design and customer service departments.  She interviewed on Friday, which was the first job interview she has had in 18 years.

“It’s just a culture shock,” she says. 

The company’s CEO reached out to Karen after hearing her story.

“I’m not gonna try to judge in terms of another organization,” said Café Press CEO Bob Marino about Lowe’s decision to fire Karen.  “It’s hard to understand what’s right for them.  But what’s right for us is someone who cares about right from wrong.”

Karen was fired from Lowes after chasing a shoplifter, which is against company policy.  She is interested in a job at Café Press, but does worry about the commute from her home in  Elizabethtown.

“She’s a little concerned about the drive, but we gave her instructions on how to get here quicker,” said Marino.

The 18-year-veteran of retail would prefer to stick to what she knows.  But other retailers in E-town have not responded to her applications.

“I’m doing okay,” she said.  “Not doing great.  But I’m hanging in there.”

Karen has been amazed by the response from her story, and is thankful to everyone, including Café Press, for their support.

“I did not expect this to go as far as it has,” said Karen.

Café Press will be hiring 600 – 700 employees for the holidays.  You can call 502.363.0050 or go to  www.deltadirectstaffing.com for more information on how to apply.