Employed Americans having trouble finding health insurance


by Rachel Nix


Posted on October 20, 2009 at 6:37 PM

 (WHAS11) - It is estimated that 7 million Americans will lose their health insurance coverage by next year.

With a struggling economy, there is a new face of the un-insured emerging in people who have jobs but are finding it difficult to get an individual health insurance policy.

“I’m a 31-year-old who runs 3 times a week, doesn’t smoke, and hasn't had any serious problems and I can't find insurance,” said one woman.

That Louisville woman doesn't want us to reveal her identity but she has a job, and has always had health insurance and now is finding herself in a pinch.

She had insurance through her husband’s job but his company is cutting back and dropped dependents from their plan.

Her employer is small and she has to find her own insurance plan but that is not so easy.

Those from the national organization called Families USA released a report Tuesday that says 4 million more working age adults are uninsured this year than last year.

Back in Louisville that woman says she just wants to go to the doctor when she has a cold and get a prescription without worrying about a huge bill.

WHAS11 talked to a doctor with endocrine and diabetes associates in Louisville who says this is a major problem for many people.

Dr. Fred Williams sees patients from all across the region and says he is seeing more patients struggling to find individual health insurance if they have any sort of pre-existing issue.

WHAS11 talked to a spokesperson from Anthem insurance about why some people are denied coverage for individual policies and they did not have a statement by our deadline.