DUI cases in jeopardy after accusations against Metro Corrections officer



Posted on December 20, 2013 at 1:10 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)--   More than 100 DUI cases will be reviewed after accusations against a Metro Corrections officer.

The officer, Daniel Lister, is being accused of dating women who were once inmates.  He reportedly met these women during the administration of breathalyzer tests as the women were being booked in the jail.

Lister was an employee of Metro Corrections for more than five years and submitted his resignation letter on November 10, stating in the letter he was taking different employment.

However, an internal memo sent out by administrators suggests Lister was fired.

Lister is also accused of contacting 18 women on Facebook once they were released from jail.

One woman reported Lister asked her to send him “sexy” photos to his cell phone.

Lister allegedly would meet the women while performing breathalyzer tests, pick out potential dates and contact them once they were released.

He admitted to investigators he had been in a relationship with two of the women.

In one reported instance, he escorted a former inmate to buy cigarettes and failed to report the woman to police, even though she was wanted for an arrest warrant.

He said he was not aware there was a warrant issued for the woman’s arrest.

Now, the Jefferson County Attorney’s office is contacting attorneys associated with every DUI case Lister was involved in.

“It’s information they can use then to question his character or his ability to be truthful on the stand,” said Jessie Halladay, Jefferson County Attorney spokesperson.

The county attorney has uncovered 108 cases involving Lister, to date.  His involvement in these cases do not mean the cases will automatically be thrown out.

Lister was also cited for workplace complaints relating to missing work, excessive force and using an unauthorized cell phone.