Consumer Watch: Woman claims new car damaged in car wash


by Andy Treinen

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 7:29 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 28 at 7:42 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- In the winter, automated car washes are flooded with customers who are looking for a sparkly, clean ride without the hassle of getting out of the car. 

A WHAS11 viewer warns to be careful when visiting car washes, however.  She says her car was damaged inside one.

Lynn Crandall says Jim and Jerry's Express Car Wash on Lewis and Clark Parkway in southern Ind. damaged her vehicle. Crandall says she found damage on two tires and a control arm.  

Crandall suspects it happened when she was first approaching the left-hand tire track at the car wash.

"If the attendant had been doing his job and been right there at the beginning to ensure my car was in this track, this would have never happened," Crandall said.

Jim Howard, the owner of Jim and Jerry's Express Car Wash, says there is no way that his car wash caused this damage. In fact, he invited WHAS11 inside to try to prove it.  Howard shared video of the inside workings of the car wash and when Crandall's car rolled through.  He explained that when a car enters the tire track, it is pushed through the wash by smaller rubber wheels. 

Crandall believes that she was not properly guided in, and her car was jarred back into place.  That is when she thinks the damage was done.  She claims that she felt the car pulling to the left as soon as she pulled out, but did not return to Jim and Jerry's until the next day.


Jim O'Neil Ford has confirmed all of the damage that Crandall told WHAS11, but couldn't say where that damage came from.  The repair at Ford cost her more than $800.

Howard says he does not know how Crandall's car was damaged, but he has tracked its every movement in the car wash. 

"We got pretty much every spot covered in case anything goes wrong," Howard told WHAS11 while reviewing surveilence video.  He is convinced it did not happen there.

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