Consumer Watch: Painting do's and don'ts


by Andy Treinen

Posted on February 18, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 18 at 6:01 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – If you’re feeling blue about the decorating in your home, a fresh coat of paint could be the answer.

Choosing the right color for your room is the most important decision you’ll make.

Whether you’re doing the job yourself or paying someone to paint the right kind and color of paint will either make or break your project.

So before you get started, take a step back and think about how long you plan to live in the home.

"If you are planning on living in your house for a while the trend these days is to bolder colors," Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks said.

Hicks’ list offers 7 painting do's and dont’s on The first is to pick colors you can live with for a long time, but that no longer means neutral or boring.

“People are really taking chances and going more for the middle of the paint swatch instead of the top and it’s really a lot more fun to paint now using more color like that,” painting contractor Debra Dudas said.

Dudas says even when staging a home for sale people are picking deeper hues.

In kitchens, keep a few things in mind. Consider a paint that can handle steam and moisture.

If you dislike cabinets, choose a paint that closely matches the cabinetry color. The lack of contrast will minimize the visual impact of doors and makes the space look larger.

The right finish is also important in bathroom where neutral colors are preferred. Let the eggshell or tan be a base for you to decorate around. That way, you don’t have to repaint when you redecorate. A bonus is to consider a glossy finish on trim and shelves.

“The semi-gloss or glossy we use on the trim or on shelves things that are going to get a lot of use because it is very scrub-able and durable,” Dudas said.

If you’re hiring someone to do the job remember to get three bids and compare apples to apples. The lowest price bid isn’t always the best bid.

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